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Combining Passionate And Aggressive Advocacy With Sharp Legal Strategy Honed Through Decades Of Experience

Our Approach: Passion And Strategy

Canfield Madow Law Group, PLLC, is the new firm in town. We take a different approach to family law — blending passionate, aggressive advocacy with keen legal strategy honed over decades of combined experience. To us, legal knowledge is important, but it isn’t enough. We believe that having a drive to win is also essential.

Our Washington attorneys have the relentless drive you need to pursue success in complex divorces, the division of military pensions, child custody disputes, paternity concerns and a wide array of other family law matters. No matter your problem, you can count on us to go to bat for you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we blindly rush into litigation. In many cases, alternative dispute resolution methods can prove far more efficient and cost-effective. We will clearly explain your options and help you determine a plan of action that works for you. Learn more about what to expect during the first consultation with us.

Who We Are

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“One of the things I enjoy most about practicing law is the chance to solve impossible problems.” — Attorney Roberta Madow

Where We’re Located

Our office in Everett allows us to effectively serve clients throughout Snohomish, Skagit, King, Whatcom, and Island Counties .

To set up an initial consultation about any divorce or family law matter in Washington, simply call Canfield Madow Law Group, PLLC, at 425-312-1870. You can also reach us online.