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Exploring Cost-Effective Alternatives To Litigation

When litigation is necessary or appropriate for your situation, you can’t ask for a more aggressive courtroom advocate than Canfield Madow Law Group, PLLC. However, our law firm also recognizes that litigation is not always the right approach to take. Our commitment to pursuing the best results possible for you means that we also explore cost-efficient alternatives to litigation such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative law.

Everett-based lawyers Damon Canfield and Roberta Madow are both experienced mediators who have helped resolve countless divorce and custody disputes over the years. Roberta is also an arbitrator on the Snohomish County Mandatory Arbitration Panel.

Our attorneys are ideally equipped to assist you with any of the following:

  • Mediation — Both divorcing spouses meet with a specially trained mediator who serves as a neutral go-between, facilitating the discussion and helping the two sides reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Discussions take place in an informal, confidential setting. If the parties can’t come to an agreement, they may choose to proceed to litigation. Learn more about mediation and get answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Arbitration — The parties take turns presenting their sides of the story to a neutral third party called an arbitrator. Then, the arbitrator makes a decision. This ruling is final, just as it would be if a judge decided the matter in court. However, arbitration often allows for more personalized solutions and may be less costly.
  • Collaborative law — The collaborative process allows both sides to negotiate and attempt to reach an effective resolution. Unlike in mediation, however, the parties agree ahead of time to keep the matter out of the courtroom. If desired, neutral professionals such as financial planners and child development specialists can be involved in the process.
    Pro se consulting — Perhaps you were only married a short time, and now you’re parting on relatively friendly terms. You don’t have any children together, and you don’t have many joint assets. In this case, you may only require a certain amount of legal advice, not full representation in court. We can provide the strategic counsel you need.

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