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How a high asset divorce can affect child custody

If you consider yourself to be in a high income or high asset household, going through the process of a divorce in Washington can be especially stressful. A high asset divorce generally means that there is a higher likelihood that you will deal with conflicts with your divorcing spouse regarding the division of assets, as well as other decisions that have particularly high stakes.

In addition to a propensity to enter a conflict in the realm of asset division, child custody decisions can additionally become more heated than usual in a high asset divorce. If you are worried about navigating certain challenges for the sake of your children in the divorce process, it is important that you understand more about the nature of these issues.

"Jersey Shore" stars facing custody and parenting problems

Washington fans of reality TV show "Jersey Shore" may know that two of the show's stars, Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley, have a daughter together. It has also been widely publicized that the two parents do not always get along so well. In fact, their relationship is often tumultuous, and flare-ups between them have reportedly become violent on more than one occasion. This has apparently caused custody and parenting problems that they are both trying to overcome.

Magro has allegedly been posting images of his daughter on social network sites, with captions that say how much he misses her. This has led to speculation that, perhaps, the child's mother is keeping her from her father. Others say both parents are at risk for losing custody of the child due to recent altercations that supposedly involved physical violence.

You want a prenuptial agreement, but asking is a different story

When you decide to marry that special someone, you're looking forward to spending the rest of your life together. Even so, there's something deep down inside telling you that a divorce is a possibility.

Since it's in your best interest to protect yourself, asking for a prenuptial agreement is one of the better decisions you can make.

Factors that cause divorce can prompt legal problems

Most Washington spouses understand that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. That, however, does not necessarily make it any easier to overcome marital problems that arise. The issue is not so much whether spouses will encounter problems along the their journeys, as most will. Rather, the main issue is whether or not those problems will lead to divorce.

There are typically a handful of issues that are often causal factors toward divorce. It is logical to assume that infidelity would take a serious toll on any marriage. This is one of the most common reasons that spouses decide to go their separate ways, sometimes even after marriages that have lasted for decades.

Issues and emotions that often arise in divorce

Many Washington couples are currently having serious marital problems. In fact, hundreds of people throughout the state will likely file for divorce by year's end or shortly thereafter. Others who have already gone through divorce proceedings say they were caught off guard by certain issues and situations that arose. Every relationship is unique but such issues may be more common than expected.

One significant issue is when the person who files for divorce struggles with sadness and/or loneliness after doing so. This is actually quite common. While a spouse may decide that ending a marriage is the best course of action to take in a given set of circumstances, it does not necessarily mean he or she will not mourn the loss of the relationship, even when there were serious problems.

Seeking a fair custody arrangement

Choosing to divorce is rarely easy, especially when there are children involved. For many couples divorcing in the Everett area, military service also plays a large part in the divorce, which can complicate child custody issues even further.

If you are unfamiliar with the divorce process, you may have many fears over what to expect and how to protect your rights as an individual and as a parent. These are reasonable fears, because without a strong strategy heading into your divorce, you may lose many of your most important priorities.

The complex reality of sharing custody with your former spouse

Most people initiate divorce proceedings because they are unhappy in their marriage or experiencing serious issues with their spouse. In situations where the couple has children together, however, divorce will not be the end of the relationship. Instead, it will serve as a transition to a new form of relationship.

Divorced couples who share children will continue to interact frequently for the rest of their lives. While the children are young, couples will need to meet with one another to exchange custody. They will also likely see one another on holidays and at special events, such as school sports competitions and birthdays.

Jon and Kate Gosselin having custody and parenting issues

When Washington parents divorce, they must each propose a co-parenting plan regarding any and all custody, visitation and child support issues that pertain to their family. When the court ultimately issues an order, both parents must adhere to the terms. It's always a good idea, however, to keep all relevant documents on hand, as well as contact information for legal support, in case any custody and parenting problems surface later on, as seems to be the case for Jon and Kate Gosselin, the former reality TV stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

The Gosselins captured the hearts of many fans in Washington and across the country when they aired their daily lives as parents of twins and sixtuplets for all to see. The couple divorced nearly a decade ago, but Jon Gosselin has recently filed papers that has the former couple heading back to court. He is seeking sole custody of their 14-year-old son, who is currently residing at an inpatient facility.

Protect time with your child after divorce

Parents who divorce often struggle to adapt to a completely different schedule of spending time with their child, once the court approves their custody arrangement or issues one of its own. While those who already have significant conflicts around custody may expect a difficult transition, even parents who intend to keep the process civil and respectful are not always able to make the shift to co-parenting smoothly.

Often, this means that one parent or the other misses out on some of their court-ordered custody time with their child, which is not something to take lightly. While courts do understand that the demands of everyday life do not always fit well with a custody order, these orders are not suggestions for parents to consider. They are legally binding agreements that the courts expect parents to obey.

What are the advantages of mediating my divorce?

Thinking about the difficult emotions -- the feelings of guilt, anger and sadness -- associated with a divorce is enough to make many couples delay the process for years. There are also the financial and legal complexities of asset division and child custody decisions that only make the process more difficult.

Because litigating a divorce in family court worsens the above challenges, many spouses finalize their divorces out of court through divorce mediation, which offers numerous advantages over traditional litigation.

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