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What are the advantages of mediating my divorce?

Thinking about the difficult emotions -- the feelings of guilt, anger and sadness -- associated with a divorce is enough to make many couples delay the process for years. There are also the financial and legal complexities of asset division and child custody decisions that only make the process more difficult.

Because litigating a divorce in family court worsens the above challenges, many spouses finalize their divorces out of court through divorce mediation, which offers numerous advantages over traditional litigation.

How are your children reacting to your divorce so far?

When a Washington parent informs his or her children that a divorce is pending, the family as a whole may encounter numerous challenges in the weeks and months beyond that moment. Children are typically quite adaptable and resilient. However, there is no guarantee they will react without any emotional difficulty or that the divorce will no negative effects on their lives, so it is understandable that most parents would want to keep stress levels to a minimum regarding helping their children adapt to new lifestyles.  

Young children often suffer separation anxiety, even when both parents live under the same roof. In divorce situations, this reaction may be exacerbated because even toddlers can sense stress but cannot always express their feelings, so they may feel afraid, cry or have a tantrum whenever a parent is away, even for short amounts of time. Children of this age often regress where potty training is concerned, as well.  

Khole Kardashian facing custody and parenting issues

Many ex spouses, as well as co-parents who have never been married, are currently facing problems regarding disagreements about their children. The Washington family law system oversees all custody and parenting issues when legal problems arise. Reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian, is currently facing family law concerns regarding her baby daughter, True Thompson.

Kardashian is not married to her daughter's biological father, who is said to be NBA star Tristan Thompson. As an unmarried mother when she gave birth, Kardashian automatically gained possessed sole physical and legal custody of her child, without the necessity of first obtaining a court order. However, if an unmarried biological father wishes to exert parental rights, he must first legally establish paternity.

Mental health affected Leah Messer's custody and parenting case

Washington fans of the MTV show, "Teen Mom 2" are likely aware that a star of the show, Leah Messer, has been struggling in her personal life. She and her ex have been involved in a custody and parenting case that had to with Messer's mental health state at the time. In 2015, the father of her twin daughters accused her of being unfit, just after she had sought treatment for depression and anxiety issues.  

The 29-year-old mother recently spoke about that time, which she now terms as one of the lowest points in her life. She said her mental instability was having a negative effect on her physical health, and at one point, she became suicidal. She also debunked rumors that the situation had caused her to lose primary custody of her children.  

Unique concerns for divorcing military parents in Washington

Obtaining a divorce in Washington is complicated and often emotional for the people involved. It becomes even more complex when one or both of the spouses has a military career. There are many concerns that military families have that the average family in Washington never has to consider.

Working for the military often means placing your own needs on hold in order to serve your country. That can definitely impact the stability of your marriage.

This factor may increase chances of divorce among friends

Most Washington residents no doubt know someone who is divorced. In fact, in many cases, it is not uncommon to know several couples who have divorced. Studies show that whether or not a friend's divorce was considered successful and amicable or was wrought with contention and settled only after a long, drawn-out court battle influences other couples' decisions who may be considering filing for divorce.  

It seems that if a concerned spouse has a friend who appears to have moved on in life and successfully adapted to a post-divorce lifestyle, that spouse may be more likely to file for divorce if he or she is struggling in marriage. Analysts say that seeing a friend who is happy after divorce may give an unhappy spouse confidence that he or she needs to call it quits in a marriage. On the other hand, having a friend who is even more miserable after divorce than he or she was in marriage might make someone cautious when it comes to his or her own situation.  

How Washington community property laws impact debt division

Careful planning can reduce the financial stress related to divorce. For many people, divorce can be a source of improved financial health. This is particularly true for people who have a spouse who shops compulsively or simply cannot save money. Your divorce can be an opportunity to separate your financial situation from that of your ex.

Unfortunately, you may end up sharing responsibility for some of the debt that your ex has already incurred during your marriage. Familiarizing yourself with community property laws and how they impact debt division in Washington state can help you advocate for the best possible outcome when the time comes to divide your assets and debts.

Judge issues warrant in custody and parenting case

While every divorce is unique because no two Washington families are exactly the same, certain issues are common among those who choose to end their marriages. For instance, in custody and parenting agreements, both parents must fully adhere to court orders pertaining to all child-related issues in their divorce. Failing to adhere can prompt a judge to take action, such as in a case in another state where an arrest warrant has been issued for the father of a 4-year-old boy.  

The judge in this particular case has expressed frustration that the father in question has refused to return his son to the state of jurisdiction, despite the court's six separate orders to do so. In response to the father's apparent disregard for the court's orders, the judge has issued a warrant for his arrest. Officials say that once the arrest takes place, the man will be brought back to the state via a private system used to transport prisoners.  

Ways your military divorce might differ from a civilian divorce

Divorce is generally difficult for most couples due to the high level of emotions involved combined with the need to make life-altering decisions. For example, you and your spouse will have to decide if one of you will keep the house in Everett or sell it and divide the proceeds.

You will also have to make decisions regarding custody issues and dividing other marital assets. However, if you or your spouse are members of the military, you could face some different issues than those civilian couples must deal with.

Washington community property laws and asset division in divorce

There are many concerns people have to deal with in the initial stages of a Washington divorce. Your living circumstances may soon change. You may worry about what will happen to your social circle. Other concerns, like child custody, will vary depending on the circumstances of your marriage.

One relatively universal concern involves how the courts will divide assets and debts. Unless you and your spouse signed a prenuptial agreement or have agreed to an uncontested divorce, the courts will have the ultimate say in who gets what from your marriage. While it is difficult to predict actual outcomes, you can better understand likely results by learning about Washington's community property laws.

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