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Can your military marriage survive infidelity?

When you are married to a military spouse, you must be prepared at any time to learn of your spouse's demise. Losing one's spouse in the service of our country is traumatic, but is part of the deal when joining the armed forces.

That's one of the unique problems that military wives and husbands often face. However, one problem that they encounter that is also common to non-military spouses is infidelity.

When you're in the service and she wants out

There's an unspoken truth about your military service: it can be hard on families. The stress, and especially the time away can be a contributing factor to the demise of marriages. When the unthinkable happens and she says she wants out, what should you do? What are the ramifications of a divorce?

6 reasons that military couples get divorced

Life in the military is noble, but it's hard. There's no denying that it puts strains on your relationships. If you're married, that could mean straining the marriage to the breaking point.

To better understand the issue and why this happens, here are some potential reasons why military couples split up:

The 3 major factors in a military divorce

If you are divorcing a spouse who serves in the military, there are three major issues that usually will be your foremost concerns. They are spousal support, child custody and division of the military pension.

What's your number one priority?

Important points to include in your parenting agreement

Washington couples don't have to go to court to finalize their child custody agreements and parenting plans. In fact, most can be completed outside of court once both parents see eye to eye. All that's required is for a family court judge to approve of the agreement as the final step.

To get the judge's approval -- and to prevent a problem later on down the road -- parents need to draft their child custody agreements carefully.

It's a must to set divorce mediation goals

As you learn more about the divorce process, you may reach a point when you realize that things are about to get tricky. With this in mind, you need to prepare for anything and everything that could come your way.

If you're moving forward with divorce mediation, don't hesitate to set goals early on in the process. Doing so will go a long way in helping you understand the steps you should take and what to expect along the way.

What does the divorce mediation process entail?

As you move closer to divorce, there could come a point when you realize that mediation is the best way to make your way to the finish line.

As long as the other individual is willing to give mediation a try, you will find yourself in position to use this process to your advantage. With the right approach, mediation will give you more control while also saving you time and money.

Mediation can reduce the amount you spend on divorce

You don't want to spend all your hard-earned savings on your divorce. You know you and your ex can work together to come up with a solution to anything that needs to be worked out. You want to save your money and end your divorce in a peaceful way.

Your ex is on the same page, but despite that, still has some demands that you can't agree with. What can you do to get through this? You can try mediation.

A parenting agreement can help with child custody concerns

If you and your spouse decide to divorce, you know that this could have an impact on many parts of your life. This includes the way you raise your child.

Before we go any further, it's important to always remember that you need to do whatever is in the best interest of your child. There is nothing more important than this.

Divorce mediation and complex assets

When a couple who has not been married very long and does not have many assets, liabilities or children chooses to divorce, the process is relatively straightforward. However, for couples who have been together for some time and especially for those who have significant assets, divorce is rarely simple, even if both spouses want it to be.

With complex assets like real estate, businesses, or investments and retirement accounts, finding a truly fair way to divide them is a serious task, and not often an easy one. Unfortunately, it's not a part of the divorce process you can really choose to skip.


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