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Am I owed more child support if my co-parent is self-employed?

Calculating child support payments is known to be one of the more straightforward procedures of all family law issues. However, in some circumstances, even this has the potential to become complex, and you may want to take action to modify the child support payments.

If you have primary custody of your child and you are receiving child support from the other parent, the payments that you will be subject to are likely to be based on the reported income of the other parent. If the other parent receives a stable income from a single employer, this should be straightforward. However, if they are self-employed, their reported income might be significantly different from reality. Additionally, their income may shift dramatically from month to month.

Dividing debt during divorce is a common concern

Marriages can end for a number of reasons. One of the most common contributory factors for marital problems is disagreements regarding money. If you and your spouse have different philosophies about money and how to manage it, this can cause deep-rooted issues, and can ultimately lead to the break down of a marriage.

In addition to money disagreements having the potential to contribute to divorce, these disagreements can lead to financial concerns and divorce complications. This is particularly true if you have been struggling with debt during your marriage.

How abuse accusations are handled re custody and parenting cases

When Washington parents are unable to amicably negotiate child-related issues in divorce, litigation is often necessary. Custody and other parenting issues can prompt highly emotionally charged situations, as made evident by a current case involving reality TV star, Bethenny Frankel, and her ex, Jason Hoppy. Accusations of abuse and child endangerment are coming from both sides of this case.

As in all child custody cases where unfit parenting is an issue, it will be up to the judge overseeing Frankel's case to determine if there is merit to her accusations against Hoppy. She claims he is emotionally and mentally abusive and that his presence is a detriment to their daughter's health. Hoppy has reportedly admitted that he said some unkind things to Frankel in the past and is sorry for that. He also said, however, that she has exposed their daughter to numerous dangerous situations, including incidents where Frankel's now-deceased boyfriend (who died of drug overdose) was present and possibly using drugs in front of his daughter.

How do the Washington courts decide who gets what in a divorce?

Getting a divorce means dealing with a lot of unanswered questions. Exactly how long will the process take? What assets and debts will you keep, and what will wind up belonging to your ex? Where will you live after the divorce?

The circumstances of each marriage are unique, meaning it is not always possible to predict the terms of a divorce. Everything from how long the hearings in court take to whether spousal support is appropriate will vary drastically depending on your family situation. However, just because there is no clear-cut outcome for every divorce doesn't mean it isn't possible to educate yourself about the most likely outcomes.

Divorce: How to keep money worries to a minimum

Washington spouses often encounter serious emotional challenges when they decide they no longer wish to maintain their marital relationships. Filing for divorce can be emotionally traumatic, even if the spouses involved no longer get along. The fact that they have shared an intimate life as spouses and, perhaps, parents of the same children means that calling it quits can evoke feelings of deep sorrow.

In addition to navigating the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies divorce, many spouses worry a lot about money, in particular, how their marital split will effect their finances. Safeguarding one's financial future is a high priority, especially when children are involved. One of the easiest ways to ensure that a fair settlement will be achieved is to entrust one's case to an experienced family law attorney.

The right knowledge will prepare you for divorce mediation

Until you learn more about divorce mediation, you may assume that it'll never work for you. However, even if you're not getting along with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there is a very good chance that you can resolve all your differences in mediation.

The key to success is to know exactly what to expect during the divorce mediation process. When you combine this with an understanding of your legal rights, you never have to worry about going down the wrong path.

Issues that place Washington spouses at risk for divorce

If spouses throughout Washington state were to take a survey rating the current condition of their marriages, many would say their relationships are struggling. In fact, it is likely that by year's end, hundreds or perhaps thousands of spouses will file for divorce. Researchers spend a lot of time studying marital relationships and determining what types of issues most often prompt one or both spouses to want to end a marriage.

Lack of commitment typically ranks high on most researchers' lists of why spouses decide to call it quits. This issue can afflict couples who have only been together a year or two, as well as those who have shared several decades together. In addition to feeling like a partner is not committed to the relationship, many spouses cite infidelity as a causal factor in their divorce.

Would sharing a house be a good custody and parenting decision?

Many Washington couples will be getting divorced in 2019. While the overall national rate of divorce has declined, some age groups, in particular those age 54 and above, have doubled the rate at which they have been filing for divorce in the past 20 years. Some parents are concerned about how their decisions to end their marriage will affect their kids and wonder what types of custody and parenting options would work best to help their children cope with their situations.

A lot of people have been trying bird-nesting arrangements in divorce. This is a specialized custody plan where children continue to live in the marital home while parents take turns living with them. A main benefit of bird-nesting is that it allows children to maintain a sense of normalcy and routine in their daily lives while other aspects of life are in upheaval.

How a high asset divorce can affect child custody

If you consider yourself to be in a high income or high asset household, going through the process of a divorce in Washington can be especially stressful. A high asset divorce generally means that there is a higher likelihood that you will deal with conflicts with your divorcing spouse regarding the division of assets, as well as other decisions that have particularly high stakes.

In addition to a propensity to enter a conflict in the realm of asset division, child custody decisions can additionally become more heated than usual in a high asset divorce. If you are worried about navigating certain challenges for the sake of your children in the divorce process, it is important that you understand more about the nature of these issues.

"Jersey Shore" stars facing custody and parenting problems

Washington fans of reality TV show "Jersey Shore" may know that two of the show's stars, Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley, have a daughter together. It has also been widely publicized that the two parents do not always get along so well. In fact, their relationship is often tumultuous, and flare-ups between them have reportedly become violent on more than one occasion. This has apparently caused custody and parenting problems that they are both trying to overcome.

Magro has allegedly been posting images of his daughter on social network sites, with captions that say how much he misses her. This has led to speculation that, perhaps, the child's mother is keeping her from her father. Others say both parents are at risk for losing custody of the child due to recent altercations that supposedly involved physical violence.

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