Divorce mediation ensures military divorce stays fair

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When one or both spouses in a divorce also serve in the military, the situation can go from complicated to adversarial quickly. Furthermore, the time commitment innately involved in serving our country make it all the more difficult to properly participate in the process, leaving one or both sides feeling unable to communicate what they need or deserve.

In addition to the strains that civilians experience in a divorce, military life can leave very little time to negotiate a fair settlement that recognizes both parties’ rights.

This is exceptionally true when the divorce involves children. Negotiating fair custody arrangements that keep the child first while maintaining service obligations is very difficult to navigate, especially if you must find time to make numerous court dates.

For these and many other reasons, divorce mediation often creates the best solution for service members seeking divorce.

A mediator ensures a fair negotiation

When you choose divorce mediation, you make a conscious choice to set an amicable tone for your divorce. Even if one or both of you prefer to enter negotiations with guns blazing, the logistical difficulties of negotiating a divorce while serving in the military often don’t afford couples with the luxury of a protracted divorce battle.

While it may not seem as satisfying at first glance, a measured approach through mediation often creates the best environment for both parties truly getting the best possible outcome.

Your divorce mediator understands all the legal issues that a proper divorce must deal with, and can create legally viable settlements and parenting plans to present to a judge so that you never have to step foot into a courtroom.

Furthermore, your mediator is not on one side or the other. Instead, they carry a professional obligation to remain neutral and help each party make fair compromises so that both parties win and make reasonable concessions.

This is exceptionally useful to military service members who work so that their complicated schedule may prevent them from reaching fair agreements, especially when it comes to parenting agreements.

Build a strong team to build a strong future

If you are ready to set the course of your divorce and ensure that all parties involved receive fair treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced divorce mediator who understands the needs of service men and women in Washington.

With proper legal guidance you can rest assured that your rights remain secure as you fight to keep your fellow citizens rights secure at home and abroad.

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