Mediation can reduce the amount you spend on divorce

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You don’t want to spend all your hard-earned savings on your divorce. You know you and your ex can work together to come up with a solution to anything that needs to be worked out. You want to save your money and end your divorce in a peaceful way.

Your ex is on the same page, but despite that, still has some demands that you can’t agree with. What can you do to get through this? You can try mediation.

Mediation educates you

Mediation is a process in which you and your spouse talk to a third party about your disputes. The third part is not there to make a judgment. Instead, the person is there to listen and advise you of your legal rights when it comes to each situation. For instance, if you are considering splitting a retirement account, the mediator may have more information about how that will affect you now and in the future, how it influences your taxes and why it is a good or bad idea for your situation. The mediator’s input helps educate you, so you make good decisions.

Mediation reduces conflict

When you get in arguments with your spouse, it’s likely not to occur when you’re around other people. Having a mediator there as a kind of referee helps you get through divorce conflicts without having to resort to an argument. The mediator can suggest taking a break or point out legal misunderstandings, so you both have a chance to make decisions while you are focused and as relaxed as possible.

Mediation is available for anyone who wants it. It saves you money, time and reduces conflict. The mediator has no preference for either party, so as a non-biased party, can help both of you come up with solutions that truly work for your divorce.

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