When you’re in the service and she wants out

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There’s an unspoken truth about your military service: it can be hard on families. The stress, and especially the time away can be a contributing factor to the demise of marriages. When the unthinkable happens and she says she wants out, what should you do? What are the ramifications of a divorce?

Common considerations

Service members, like their civilian counterparts, have similar considerations that arise with a divorce. Maybe you have a home and credit card debt. Maybe you have children. And what about spousal maintenance? Here are the main things that need to be addressed:

  • Property and debt division: Dividing your assets and debts is a crucial part of the divorce process.
  • Child custody and support: Issues related to children are often the most contentious.
  • Spousal maintenance: The amount and duration of spousal maintenance can vary widely.

Special military considerations

A study of divorce rates by profession found three different military jobs landed spots in the top 10 worst careers for your marriage. Military service also brings its own unique considerations to your divorce. Military pensions and other benefits will need to be divided. When one or both parents are in the military, child custody gets more complicated and the parenting plan becomes that much more critical.

Mediation as a peaceful and less expensive option

However, the divorce process doesn’t have to be contentious and expensive. If you and your spouse both agree, mediation could be a great solution. The strength of mediation is that it can help you both work through your differences and not pile up expensive legal bills.

When the unthinkable happens, putting a plan in place will not only ease your worries, but will help start you on a brand new life.

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