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Parenting plans: A vital part of any military divorce

In the military, there may always be times when you'll be away. Since you and your spouse are part of the military, you know that following your divorce, you'll have to make special arrangements for your children. If one or both of you is deployed, there is no option but to have a plan in place to protect your children while you're away.

Tragedy leads to complicated custody and parenting issues

A 2-year old child was left motherless when a recent tragedy occurred in another state. Sadly, the woman's death is believed to have been caused by her husband, who is not the child's biological father. The latter has come forward, however, prompting a complex custody and parenting situation that will now be left to the court to resolve. Washington parents facing similar issues may want to follow this case.

Is uncontested divorce a good fit for your military marriage?

Ending your military marriage is rarely an easy process, even when you and your spouse want to make it as streamlined and simple as possible. The structure of life within the military and the insular nature of the community often cause complications that many civilian divorces do not face, stretching out the divorce process and increasing its impact.

Having an alimony arrangement requires diligent recordkeeping

Whenever a major financial transaction takes place, the parties involved want to make records of these moments to prove and validate that the transaction occurred. The information included in these records is critical, and it behooves both parties to secure these records for reference later (if necessary).

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