Tragedy leads to complicated custody and parenting issues

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A 2-year old child was left motherless when a recent tragedy occurred in another state. Sadly, the woman’s death is believed to have been caused by her husband, who is not the child’s biological father. The latter has come forward, however, prompting a complex custody and parenting situation that will now be left to the court to resolve. Washington parents facing similar issues may want to follow this case.

The toddler’s father apparently proved his paternity through DNA testing more than a year ago. He says the only reason he was not able to actively parent his own daughter during that time is because her mother’s new relationship made it impossible. He also stated that he knows in his heart the child’s mother would want him to have custody of his daughter.

Not everyone agrees, however. The child’s maternal grandmother has asked the court to grant her custody instead of the child’s biological father. Both the father and grandmother have filed separate wrongful death claims in connection with the death of the child’s mother, stating police officers left the scene of the physical attack against her without getting out of their car to assist.

As the court reviews this complicated custody and parenting situation, it will undoubtedly make its decision based on the child’s best interests. This is the basis for all custody-related decisions in Washington and other states as well. A parent seeking custody may act alongside experienced legal representation to increase the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

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