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Virtual visitation and child custody

Over the last decade, the widespread use of smartphones, tablets and other similar devices have revolutionized the way that we communicate and spend time together. Not only do we see these changes in our professional and creative lives, but also in our closest relationships. For parents who share custody of a child, or may soon raise a child separately, these means of communication present both benefits and drawbacks, and deserve careful consideration.

Ideas for those facing custody and parenting issues in divorce

"Divorce is easy, " likely said no Washington parent, ever. In fact, most people who divorce expect challenges along the way as they prepare for new lifestyles with their children. Custody and parenting issues are often central focuses of divorce. Parents can avoid much stress if they think ahead and set the tone for amicable post-divorce relationships.  

Which litigation alternatives are available options for you?

There's a certain stigma attached to divorce that makes it seem as though all marital splits involve contentious, drawn-out court battles. However, not only is that not a true statement, many Washington spouses are able to achieve satisfactory settlements without ever stepping foot into a courtroom. The answer for some is divorce mediation. The process is definitely not one-size-fits-all, though, so anyone considering litigation alternatives should speak to someone experienced in it before determining whether it is the best court of action in a particular circumstance.  

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