Using mediation to keep divorce civil

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Even when a couple is fair-minded, divorce is rarely an easy experience to navigate. For those who serve in the armed forces, additional strains of service and the structures of military life often make divorce more stressful, not less.

If you and your spouse face the difficult task of navigating divorce and you hope to do so in a fair, responsible manner, you may want to consider using divorce mediation. Mediation features many benefits, and is frequently used by those who want a quick, civil divorce with as little conflict and unnecessary complication as possible.

How does mediation work?

Divorce mediation allows parties to sit down together with a neutral third party mediator and negotiate fair divorce agreements. The mediator has special training that allows them keep the process fair and evenly balanced.

This process may only take one or two sessions, or may take longer, if the couple must resolve complex or difficult issues. In most cases, a mediator can help a couple reach agreements quickly and fairly.

Mediation also allows the couple to address all of the legal concerns that a divorce involves without spending time in a court room or having to build the divorce around available court dates. Legally, the mediator can probably create all of the legally binding documents that the couple needs in the mediation sessions, which not only reduces or eliminates court appearances, but keeps the entire process private.

By working in a neutral mediation venue, the divorce settlement and even custody and parenting agreements do not necessarily generate public records, because the couple does not litigate the matter in a courtroom. This eliminates the need to seal documents, because none of the records of the divorce are public.

Begin building your future

Divorce doesn’t have to be mean or protracted. With the guidance of a professional divorce mediator with proper training and licenses, you and your spouse have the tools you need to negotiate fair divorce agreements. This will get you on the path to a new chapter in your life more quickly and probably less expensively than traditionally litigated divorce.

Mediation can help address simple divorces between couples with very few resources, but may also offer important help to couples with children and more complex assets.

Take control of your divorce and set the tone of the process: See if mediation might be right for you.

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