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Make your children the center of your custody decisions

Most parents understand that divorce is difficult for the children involved. In fact, some couples stay married for years despite having unhealthy relationships just to protect the kids from growing up in broken homes. Unfortunately, living in households with parents who fight constantly isn't going to do kids any favors.

Numerous courts involved in custody and parenting situation

When Washington parents disagree regarding child custody issues, they sometimes seek the court's intervention to help them resolve their problems. One custody and parenting situation has crossed two state lines. The mother and father involved have both accused the other of wrongdoing and have each asked the court to rule in their favors. They each have attorneys acting on their behalves.

Can divorce be predicted ahead of time?

The old saying that one never knows what goes on behind closed doors is especially true where marriage is concerned. Some Washington couples who seem to have strong, steady relationships wind up getting divorced. Those conducting a study that followed more than 160 marriages for 13 years concluded that there are certain signs in marital relationships that suggest some spouses are more likely than others to file for divorce.  

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