Can divorce be predicted ahead of time?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2018 | Divorce

The old saying that one never knows what goes on behind closed doors is especially true where marriage is concerned. Some Washington couples who seem to have strong, steady relationships wind up getting divorced. Those conducting a study that followed more than 160 marriages for 13 years concluded that there are certain signs in marital relationships that suggest some spouses are more likely than others to file for divorce.

A significant issue appears to be that of romance and affection. In fact, the study showed that couples who are overly affectionate in the early parts of their marriages may wind up divorcing when they find themselves unable to keep their romances alive in the long run. Opposite of this problem, are those who rarely show affection or are argumentative.

Life-changes apparently bear great impact on a marriage as well. Many divorces come after one or the other spouse feels he or she can’t take the pressure, be it financial problems, child-related issues or other relatively common circumstances. If a spouse feels like he or she is carrying most of the burden or feels unappreciated, it may be too much strain for the relationship to endure.

No two couples divorce for exactly the same reasons. However, many Washington spouses can relate to the experiences of their relatives or friends or have gone through similar situations in the past. The good news is that there are strong support networks in place to guide people through the process and to help them achieve satisfactory and fair settlements.

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