Numerous courts involved in custody and parenting situation

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Custody & Parenting

When Washington parents disagree regarding child custody issues, they sometimes seek the court’s intervention to help them resolve their problems. One custody and parenting situation has crossed two state lines. The mother and father involved have both accused the other of wrongdoing and have each asked the court to rule in their favors. They each have attorneys acting on their behalves.

The father currently has physical custody of his 4-year-old son. He has been residing in a different state than the mother. He gained custody of his child after the boy’s mother admitted to doing methamphetamine drugs some time ago.

However, since then, the court in the mother’s state has repeatedly ordered the man to return to that state with the child. He has reportedly not complied. This prompted a final order from the judge, who says the father now must not only bring the boy back to the state but face arrest upon his arrival at the airport as well.

The father says he is merely trying to act in the best interests of his son. He claims the mother has physically abused the child in the past. He also told the court he has sought licensed counseling for his son to help him overcome the negative impact his time with his mother had on him. The custody and parenting situation is far from over, and the father has filed a petition in the court in his state, questioning which court has jurisdiction in the matter. Washington parents facing similar situations may reach out for support.

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