Washington spouses may relate to Donald Trump, Jr.’s divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Divorce

Many Washington spouses encounter challenges when they decide to end their marriages. Such challenges are often related to child custody matters, property division or financial issues. When spouses disagree about a particular topic, it often leads to a contested divorce, such as that of Donald Trump, Jr. and his estranged wife, Vanessa.

The former Trump couple has five children together. When their initial petition was filed in court (by then Mrs. Trump), it was reportedly an uncontested divorce. Since then, certain financial issues have arisen that the two have been unable to resolve. Some say the problems have something to do with the mother of five’s personal inheritance, said to be worth millions. The inheritance was part of Vanessa Trump’s late father’s final will and testament.

As it stands, the once uncontested divorce has become a contested divorce. Trump Jr.’s attorney told reporters he is confident that the financial issues will be resolved in a mere matter of weeks. It is often the case in such situations that spouses are able to achieve swift and agreeable solutions to problems related to divorce when experienced attorneys act on their behalves in court.

Trump Jr. has reportedly requested full disclosure as to how much money his former wife has in the bank. When an inheritance is received during marriage but was specifically intended for only one spouse, it may not be subject to property division as a marital asset in divorce. Such situations can be complex, especially in high-asset divorces like the Trumps’. Washington spouses facing such issues can reach out for legal support at any time.

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