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Judge issues warrant in custody and parenting case

While every divorce is unique because no two Washington families are exactly the same, certain issues are common among those who choose to end their marriages. For instance, in custody and parenting agreements, both parents must fully adhere to court orders pertaining to all child-related issues in their divorce. Failing to adhere can prompt a judge to take action, such as in a case in another state where an arrest warrant has been issued for the father of a 4-year-old boy.  

Ways your military divorce might differ from a civilian divorce

Divorce is generally difficult for most couples due to the high level of emotions involved combined with the need to make life-altering decisions. For example, you and your spouse will have to decide if one of you will keep the house in Everett or sell it and divide the proceeds.

Washington community property laws and asset division in divorce

There are many concerns people have to deal with in the initial stages of a Washington divorce. Your living circumstances may soon change. You may worry about what will happen to your social circle. Other concerns, like child custody, will vary depending on the circumstances of your marriage.

Talking to kids about divorce

Many Washington couples are likely contemplating ending their marriages, and some have children of various ages. Divorce itself is stressful but can be even more so when kids are involved. A lot of parents worry about how to explain their situations to their kids without placing too heavy a burden on them.  

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