Judge issues warrant in custody and parenting case

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Custody & Parenting

While every divorce is unique because no two Washington families are exactly the same, certain issues are common among those who choose to end their marriages. For instance, in custody and parenting agreements, both parents must fully adhere to court orders pertaining to all child-related issues in their divorce. Failing to adhere can prompt a judge to take action, such as in a case in another state where an arrest warrant has been issued for the father of a 4-year-old boy.

The judge in this particular case has expressed frustration that the father in question has refused to return his son to the state of jurisdiction, despite the court’s six separate orders to do so. In response to the father’s apparent disregard for the court’s orders, the judge has issued a warrant for his arrest. Officials say that once the arrest takes place, the man will be brought back to the state via a private system used to transport prisoners.

The mother of the child recently received the court’s permission to once again parent her son. She had been prohibited from doing so in the past due to substance abuse problems. The boy’s father has accused the mother of abusing his son. In fact, he has stated that his child is currently going to therapy because of past abuse and any progress made would be undermined if he were to uproot his son to return him to Illinois.

Custody and parenting situations like this one are often complex. The judge overseeing this case is set to retire in December and is considering transferring the case to another judge so that litigation need not be further delayed. An experienced Washington family law attorney can aggressively protect a concerned parent’s rights, as well as the best interests of a child or children who may be facing similar situations in this state.

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