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Mental health affected Leah Messer's custody and parenting case

Washington fans of the MTV show, "Teen Mom 2" are likely aware that a star of the show, Leah Messer, has been struggling in her personal life. She and her ex have been involved in a custody and parenting case that had to with Messer's mental health state at the time. In 2015, the father of her twin daughters accused her of being unfit, just after she had sought treatment for depression and anxiety issues.  

Unique concerns for divorcing military parents in Washington

Obtaining a divorce in Washington is complicated and often emotional for the people involved. It becomes even more complex when one or both of the spouses has a military career. There are many concerns that military families have that the average family in Washington never has to consider.

This factor may increase chances of divorce among friends

Most Washington residents no doubt know someone who is divorced. In fact, in many cases, it is not uncommon to know several couples who have divorced. Studies show that whether or not a friend's divorce was considered successful and amicable or was wrought with contention and settled only after a long, drawn-out court battle influences other couples' decisions who may be considering filing for divorce.  

How Washington community property laws impact debt division

Careful planning can reduce the financial stress related to divorce. For many people, divorce can be a source of improved financial health. This is particularly true for people who have a spouse who shops compulsively or simply cannot save money. Your divorce can be an opportunity to separate your financial situation from that of your ex.

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