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Protect time with your child after divorce

Parents who divorce often struggle to adapt to a completely different schedule of spending time with their child, once the court approves their custody arrangement or issues one of its own. While those who already have significant conflicts around custody may expect a difficult transition, even parents who intend to keep the process civil and respectful are not always able to make the shift to co-parenting smoothly.

What are the advantages of mediating my divorce?

Thinking about the difficult emotions -- the feelings of guilt, anger and sadness -- associated with a divorce is enough to make many couples delay the process for years. There are also the financial and legal complexities of asset division and child custody decisions that only make the process more difficult.

How are your children reacting to your divorce so far?

When a Washington parent informs his or her children that a divorce is pending, the family as a whole may encounter numerous challenges in the weeks and months beyond that moment. Children are typically quite adaptable and resilient. However, there is no guarantee they will react without any emotional difficulty or that the divorce will no negative effects on their lives, so it is understandable that most parents would want to keep stress levels to a minimum regarding helping their children adapt to new lifestyles.  

Khole Kardashian facing custody and parenting issues

Many ex spouses, as well as co-parents who have never been married, are currently facing problems regarding disagreements about their children. The Washington family law system oversees all custody and parenting issues when legal problems arise. Reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian, is currently facing family law concerns regarding her baby daughter, True Thompson.

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