Khole Kardashian facing custody and parenting issues

Many ex spouses, as well as co-parents who have never been married, are currently facing problems regarding disagreements about their children. The Washington family law system oversees all custody and parenting issues when legal problems arise. Reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian, is currently facing family law concerns regarding her baby daughter, True Thompson.

Kardashian is not married to her daughter’s biological father, who is said to be NBA star Tristan Thompson. As an unmarried mother when she gave birth, Kardashian automatically gained possessed sole physical and legal custody of her child, without the necessity of first obtaining a court order. However, if an unmarried biological father wishes to exert parental rights, he must first legally establish paternity.

In Washington, both unmarried and married parents will want to make sure they thoroughly research the laws of this state regarding child custody, visitation or child support before submitting any type of request to the court. Both parents must fully adhere to the terms of any court order. However, an existing court order can be changed by requesting modification, in which case the judge overseeing the case will review the request and make a decision as to whether or not a modification is warranted.

Unless and until a custody and parenting modification is granted, the terms of the existing court order remain in effect. Family law issues can be complex, especially in situations where co-parents were never married. This is why most Washington parents seek help from an experienced attorney before trying to obtain a particular outcome in court.

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