Factors that cause divorce can prompt legal problems

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Divorce

Most Washington spouses understand that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. That, however, does not necessarily make it any easier to overcome marital problems that arise. The issue is not so much whether spouses will encounter problems along the their journeys, as most will. Rather, the main issue is whether or not those problems will lead to divorce.

There are typically a handful of issues that are often causal factors toward divorce. It is logical to assume that infidelity would take a serious toll on any marriage. This is one of the most common reasons that spouses decide to go their separate ways, sometimes even after marriages that have lasted for decades.

Money problems and substance abuse or other addictions, such as pornography, also rank high on most lists of what causes marital break-ups. In addition to these issues, if one spouse contracts a chronic or terminal illness, it may ultimately lead to divorce if the other spouse feels he or she is simply unable to bear the trauma. There are also those who decide to go their separate ways because they are no longer compatible as spouses.

Divorce is an intensely personal decision that often evokes strong emotions on both sides. It is not uncommon for some of the issues mentioned earlier, such as those involving finances or addictions, to work their way into court proceedings, especially if children are involved. Washington spouses who rely on experienced family law support often fare better than those who try to go it alone in court.

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