“Jersey Shore” stars facing custody and parenting problems

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Custody & Parenting

Washington fans of reality TV show “Jersey Shore” may know that two of the show’s stars, Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley, have a daughter together. It has also been widely publicized that the two parents do not always get along so well. In fact, their relationship is often tumultuous, and flare-ups between them have reportedly become violent on more than one occasion. This has apparently caused custody and parenting problems that they are both trying to overcome.

Magro has allegedly been posting images of his daughter on social network sites, with captions that say how much he misses her. This has led to speculation that, perhaps, the child’s mother is keeping her from her father. Others say both parents are at risk for losing custody of the child due to recent altercations that supposedly involved physical violence.

One such incident occurred when Harley is said to have accidentally spilled a drink on Magro. Those who witnessed the situation say it quickly erupted into a violent scene that resulted in Magro suffering a facial injury that drew blood after Harley hurled an ashtray in his direction. The two were at a nightclub at the time, and Magro allegedly left the club and caused serious property damage to Harley’s residence after the ashtray incident occurred.

Some say Magro did not report his injuries to local police or any court officials because he was worried that it would prompt serious legal custody and parenting problems. It is true that judges always have children’s best interests in mind and can rule a parent or parents unfit if they believe they have done something to endanger their children. The ultimate outcome of the Magro/Harley situation is yet to be determined. An experienced Washington family law attorney can provide guidance and support to those experiencing similar legal problems in this state.

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