You want a prenuptial agreement, but asking is a different story

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When you decide to marry that special someone, you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life together. Even so, there’s something deep down inside telling you that a divorce is a possibility.

Since it’s in your best interest to protect yourself, asking for a prenuptial agreement is one of the better decisions you can make.

Here’s the problem: There’s a big difference between asking for a prenuptial agreement and your spouse agreeing to it.

When the time comes to bring this idea to light, there are several tips you can follow to reduce tension and efficiently move the conversation forward:

  • Have a general conversation about the future: Forget about getting into the finer details early on. Instead, have a general conversation about your marriage, the future and the pros and cons of creating a prenuptial agreement. Don’t push too hard for this. Don’t issue demands. Instead, lay everything out on the table so that you’re both on the same page.
  • Talk about your fears: Open up to your partner about your fears, as well as the reasons why you want to create a prenuptial agreement. This is also a good time to ask your spouse for their thoughts on the entire process. You may find that they have fears as well.
  • Don’t become upset or angry: You’re having a conversation with a person you love. There’s no point in becoming so upset that you cry or so angry that you yell. Keep calm, stick to the facts at hand and work together to make the most of the conversation.
  • Ask questions: What are your thoughts on creating a prenuptial agreement? Is there any reason why you’re opposed to it? Do you have a clear idea of the benefits? These types of questions can help clear the air.

If you find your discussion heading down the wrong path, take a step back and agree to revisit the topic in the near future. This is better than continuing with the conversation, as it will only lead to more trouble and stress.

As you discuss the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, such as the ability to protect significant assets you’re both bringing into the marriage, you could come to find that it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’re on the same page, you can work together to finalize the agreement.

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