Divorce: How to keep money worries to a minimum

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Divorce

Washington spouses often encounter serious emotional challenges when they decide they no longer wish to maintain their marital relationships. Filing for divorce can be emotionally traumatic, even if the spouses involved no longer get along. The fact that they have shared an intimate life as spouses and, perhaps, parents of the same children means that calling it quits can evoke feelings of deep sorrow.

In addition to navigating the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies divorce, many spouses worry a lot about money, in particular, how their marital split will effect their finances. Safeguarding one’s financial future is a high priority, especially when children are involved. One of the easiest ways to ensure that a fair settlement will be achieved is to entrust one’s case to an experienced family law attorney.

As parents, it is always a good idea to consider both sides of the equation when making financial decisions in divorce. After all, children’s well-being is a central focus, and it is not going to help them any if their parents are trying to give each other the short end of the financial stick. Playing fair and considering the future of every person involved is likely to have the most benefit.

Spouses who file for divorce will want to close their jointly owned bank accounts. It’s also wise to create a budget, not only for a co-parenting arrangement down the line but for the divorce itself. This can help avoid digging oneself into a financial hole that may be hard to get out of. A Washington family law attorney can answer questions regarding divorce-related financial issues, such as those having to do with marital assets, taxes or alimony and child support.

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