Issues that place Washington spouses at risk for divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Divorce

If spouses throughout Washington state were to take a survey rating the current condition of their marriages, many would say their relationships are struggling. In fact, it is likely that by year’s end, hundreds or perhaps thousands of spouses will file for divorce. Researchers spend a lot of time studying marital relationships and determining what types of issues most often prompt one or both spouses to want to end a marriage.

Lack of commitment typically ranks high on most researchers’ lists of why spouses decide to call it quits. This issue can afflict couples who have only been together a year or two, as well as those who have shared several decades together. In addition to feeling like a partner is not committed to the relationship, many spouses cite infidelity as a causal factor in their divorce.

Current data also shows that spouses with low levels of education are at greater risk for divorce than their higher-educated counterparts. Researchers say those who lived together before getting married may have trouble staying married, and those who marry quite young are prone to problems that often lead to divorce. Research information often shows common experiences among diverse groups of people; however, it does not necessarily mean that any couple fitting a particular background description is definitely bound for divorce.

Knowing that others have gone through similar experiences can be helpful if a spouse is considering ending a relationship. There are often community support groups in place or counseling services available for those seeking guidance or encouragement in connection with marital problems. If a Washington spouse decides to serve his or her partner with divorce papers, it is always a good idea to meet with an experienced family law attorney ahead of time.

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