Mediation can help you and your ex file an uncontested divorce

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There are two major financial concerns in divorce. The first obviously is the requirement to split the majority of your assets with your ex. That can substantially diminish your personal holdings. The second financial issue relates to the cost of the divorce itself.

The longer and more drawn-out the divorce battle becomes, the more money you and your ex will have to invest to pay for court fees and the time of your Everett attorneys. If both you and your ex would prefer to minimize the cost of your divorce and reduce the financial consequences of ending your marriage, filing for an uncontested divorce is surely the best solution.

An uncontested divorce involves you and your ex reaching terms for the end of your marriage amicably outside of court. From arranging child custody rules in a parenting plan to deciding who should receive which assets in your divorce, you must handle all of these details before you file. If you don’t currently agree on all of the issues involved in ending your marriage, mediation could be the way to work out those unresolved issues.

Both parties have to compromise and agree in mediation

Mediation involves two parties, each with their own attorney, working with a neutral mediator to resolve contentious issues. A mediator can really help in divorce, as they can help break up negotiation log jams and keep the process moving smoothly.

Having your own attorney helps to ensure that you don’t wind up agreeing to terms that violate your rights or put you at a substantial disadvantage. Working with attorneys also helps to ensure that the agreements reached in mediation are properly couched in enforceable documents that have all necessary signatures and are ready to present to the court.

It can take some work to find a viable solution to the issues that you disagree about. However, if you keep yourself focused on working with your ex instead of fighting against them, mediation can help you find a middle ground for the biggest outstanding issues and pave the way for a smooth and simple divorce.

Not every couple should consider mediation

While mediation is a great way to keep the details of your divorce private, speed up the process of ending your marriage and maintain control over the outcome, it isn’t a universal solution that will work for every couple.

In situations that involve abuse or even one partner manipulating the other, mediation may not be feasible. If one spouse has attempted to hide assets or otherwise trick their spouse prior to filing for divorce, that is likely another warning sign that mediation may not be in your best interest.

Before you formally commit to using mediation as a solution for your divorce, you really should sit down and talk about your family situation with an experienced divorce lawyer. An attorney can provide guidance and help you decide whether mediation could work.

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