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Spouses on friendly terms may use litigation alternatives

Does every Washington divorce have to be litigated? The answer is a definite, "No." If spouses are able to discuss important issues without acrimonious confrontation, then there may be litigation alternatives available to them so they never have to go to trial. Such alternatives have many benefits, including the ability to convert to litigation at a later time, if necessary.

3 signs you could be headed for divorce

When you originally walked down the aisle and said your vows, you were probably ready to spend the rest of your life with your beloved. However, years later, you may be wondering if you are headed down divorce highway. While divorce often carried a stigma in the past, it has become increasingly common among both younger couples and those eho have been married for 10, 30 or even 40 years.

Matt Lauer lost his job; now his wife has filed for divorce

"Today" show fans in Washington and throughout the country were shocked when Matt Lauer was fired. His employment was terminated due to sexual allegations made against him some time ago. Lauer is making headlines again, this time because he and his wife have apparently reached a divorce settlement.

Separate accounts not ideal for protecting money during divorce

Ending a marriage is an unfortunately common occurrence for many families. In fact, many Washington couples whose parents went through divorces are taking steps to simplify the process in case their own marriages do not last. For some, this means prenuptial agreements, but others are taking a shortcut. By keeping their own incomes and earnings in separate bank accounts, some couples believe they can protect their money from property division during a divorce. However, this is not always the case.

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