3 signs you could be headed for divorce

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When you originally walked down the aisle and said your vows, you were probably ready to spend the rest of your life with your beloved. However, years later, you may be wondering if you are headed down divorce highway. While divorce often carried a stigma in the past, it has become increasingly common among both younger couples and those eho have been married for 10, 30 or even 40 years.

So, how do you know if your marriage is over and you need to start looking for a divorce attorney? While the answers are often as unique as each couple’s relationship, there are some signs that commonly point to divorce.

Conflict resolution is nonexistent

In many relationships, it is not the lack of communication that destroys the marriage. Instead, it’s the conflict resolution that is missing that often causes problems. If you and your spouse cannot effectively resolve your differences and arguments, then one or both of you might turn to avoidance tactics. In other words, you have given up trying to find middle ground on issues that affect the marriage.

Detachment from your emotions

If you are no longer emotionally engaging in your marriage, this is a sign that divorce is likely. A lack of emotional intimacy eventually causes the fading of any empathy or love you might feel for your spouse. Emotionally withdrawing from your marriage is a common sign that it might be time for a major change.

You’re not focused on the marriage

If your marriage is no longer fulfilling and your focus is directed solely to things outside of your relationship, it could be time to end things. For instance, some couples move their complete focus to the kids or the job. You might be spending longer and longer hours at work just so you do not have to go home. Or, you might be completely throwing yourself into other activities outside the home that do not include your spouse.

If one or more of the above scenarios applies to you, it might be time to take steps toward divorce. Making the decision to divorce is extremely difficult, but once you do, do not forget that you need to protect your interests and guard yourself against a bad divorce settlement that has serious financial consequences.

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