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Understand custody and parenting laws before heading to court

When a parent in Washington or elsewhere in the United States decides to divorce, it is logical to assume that the process will include certain legal issues that must be resolved before the court will issue a final decree. These issues often pertain to custody and parenting. No two divorces are exactly the same; in fact, parents can often customize an agreement to fit their particular needs and goals, and to protect their children's best interests.

3 concerns for stay-at-home moms who want to get divorced

Choosing to stay home to care for your children can be a very rewarding decision. Instead of handing your children over to a childcare professional for at least a third of the day every day, you get to be there to witness all of their special moments as they grow and develop. You also have the opportunity to create a strong parental bond that can benefit your children for the rest of their lives.

Celebrities have custody and parenting issues too

A lot of what comes out of Hollywood is fiction. In Washington and elsewhere, entertainment and celebrity news is not meant to be a guide for life. But celebrities are real people like everyone else, and many people can relate to the custody and parenting issues that celebrities sometimes face, and find their stories helpful in their own situations.

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