Blindsided by a divorce petition? You may want to seek a stay

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Divorce

You’ve been in the Navy, and you are working hard to better yourself and further your career. You’ve been married for several years, and your spouse has been patient while you’ve been sent around the world to different bases and on different operations. 

You finally returned home for leave and were expecting a warm reception, but that’s not what you found. Instead, you walked into your home and found divorce paperwork on the counter with a note that you needed to fill it out. 

Blindsided by a divorce when you’re in the military? Be careful about what you do next

You’re only home for a short leave, so you’re worried about what this divorce might mean for you. Fortunately, people in your situation may be able to ask the court to delay the divorce proceedings until you have the option of returning home to handle the divorce.

Initially, a stay is usually only for 90 days, though you may be able to ask for extensions. The point of the military stay is to give you time to focus on your duties in the military instead of letting your personal problems dominate your attention. Additionally, if stays were not allowed, some military people could not return to defend themselves or respond to a divorce decree, which would put them in a negative legal position. 

Our website has much more information about going through a military divorce and why you should take steps to protect your rights while you’re still on active duty. If you don’t have time to handle the divorce right now, a stay may be a good option to help you finish your duties before returning to face the divorce head-on.

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