Parenting plan tips: Don’t forget to address the electronics

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Custody & Parenting

The holiday season is fast approaching. If your kids are like most others, at least one of them wants an iPad, a smartphone or a game system.

Does your parenting plan address electronics? If it doesn’t, it should.

What electronic issues can your parenting plan help manage?

Electronics are an important part of 21st century life, but many parenting plans haven’t kept up. A good parenting plan can:

  • Define how old a child must be before they have free access to a computer, tablet, game system or phone.
  • Clarify who is to pay for such items, including whether they are to be “joint” gifts from both parents or something each parent is free to provide on their own.
  • Set boundaries on how much screen time or game time a child is allowed to have on any given device.
  • Clarify which parent is expected to pay for any monthly fees associated with the device and who will handle repairs when a device is damaged.
  • Eliminate disputes over whether a child is permitted to take a specific electronic device from one parent’s house to the other parent’s house.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how technology will evolve, having some guidelines in your parenting plan today can prevent serious disagreements in the future.

When should you seek help with a parenting plan?

If you’re still in the process of crafting your parenting plan, you have time to think about how electronics will be handled and make some agreements. If your parenting plan is already in place, it may be time to make some revisions — particularly if your children’s electronics have become an issue.

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