Letting yourself grieve during a divorce

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Divorce is often an emotional moment for most divorcees in Washington. However, some people are afraid to show that they are hurting. Thus, it ends in battles and arguments that are destructive with their ex-spouses. Apart from rage and wrangling, divorces also experience sadness, hurt, and shock.

Apart from losing friends, divorces also lose a partner, consistency in meeting your children, family jokes, and friendships. If you find yourself grieving due to divorce, understand that it’s the beginning of the healing process. You might experience these five stages in your journey.


Denial is the first stage after divorce and is often temporal. Denial is characterized by shock and pain, and it shelters you from doing anything wrong. From denial, you can gain the strength to take yourself through the other divorce stages. Failure to acknowledge denial leads to unending pain and a lack of making rational decisions.


Anger defects pain and hurt that comes as soon as denial wears off. Although anger is a normal feeling, you need to avoid directing this feeling to your children and ex-spouse. Don’t get stuck with anger since it’ll affect your relationship with your children and ex-spouse.


Bargaining is convincing yourself that you’ll rectify the mistakes you did. Additionally, you can vow not to get in any relationships. It is gaining control of your life. If there’s a chance of saving the marriage, bargaining is useful.


In this stage, most divorcees are locked up in anger. It is a temporal stage that comes once you realize that it’s the end of the marriage. It is essential in grieving since you accept the divorce and try to move on.


It is the final stage of the grieving process. Although it isn’t a joyous stage, you get to acknowledge that divorce happened and you are ready to move on after realizing your potential and commitment.

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