How domestic violence might impact a child custody case

An act of domestic violence can have a significant impact on a Washington child custody case. If you are the one who is facing allegations of abuse, it may result in losing parental rights to your children. Alternatively, if your former partner is the person who put another family member in danger, you may be entitled to temporary custody of your son or daughter.

What is in the child’s best interest?

A judge is generally required to do whatever is in a child’s best interest when crafting a custody order. The same is true when it comes to modifying the terms of an existing order. If there is reason to believe that your son or daughter is in danger of harm while in your presence, you may lose your ability to interact with that person. Depending on the facts of the case, you may be granted supervised visitation rights until an investigation can be completed.

Was this an isolated incident?

If you have no prior history of domestic abuse, it may be possible to regain full parental rights by completing an anger management course. A judge may also require you to abstain from drugs, alcohol, or other substances that may make it difficult to control your emotions. However, if your child was the victim, it’s less likely that you’ll regain custody of that son or daughter regardless of what you do. An attorney who is familiar with custody and parenting issues may provide more insight into how a criminal charge may impact your ability to be a parent.

Domestic violence can have a significant impact on parents and children alike. If you have been charged with this crime, it may be worthwhile to hire an attorney who may be able to clear your name.

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