Preparing for a divorce while deployed in the military

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Sometimes a deployment comes while a marriage is already breaking apart, or circumstances during the deployment may lead to a divorce. For service members in Washington, there are ways to move forward with your divorce while you are deployed. You may make the final decision to divorce while you are physically separated. You don’t have to wait until you return home to start the process, and the time apart can actually be an important time to prepare for the end of a marriage.

Starting a divorce while deployed

You and your spouse can consult with your respective divorce lawyers while you are deployed. Given the popularity of virtual meetings, you can set up virtual appointments with lawyers familiar with Washington military divorces. If you are comfortable with the lawyers you meet virtually, you can begin to move the legal process forward while dealing with the emotional fallout. You may also want to take advantage of support services available to deployed service members to discuss the divorce and find a healthy outlet for upset or anger.

Get your documents ready

Your spouse may have many important documents at home; however, you may be able to access critical tax documents, contracts, insurance materials or financial accounts online. In some cases, you may even be able to expedite the mandatory waiting period of 90 days before a divorce is finalized while you are deployed. As long as the summons and petition are filed in family court and to your spouse, your divorce may be finalized after a 90-day “cool-off” period. Of course, if your spouse objects or there are significant issues for negotiation, there may be a further delay.

Even when you are deployed, you can start your journey to a new future after an unhappy relationship. A family law attorney may provide you with advice and guidance on dealing with the intricacies of a military divorce.

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