Temporary orders in a divorce

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Washington divorces typically take some time to resolve. If the case is contested, it can take over a year before you get a court date and the judge issues a decision. In the meantime, you can apply for a temporary order when there is a part of the case that cannot wait until the divorce is finalized.

Temporary orders for custody and child support

Some of the most crucial matters in a divorce relate to custody and child support. If you have physical custody of the children, expenses do not wait until the court issues a final decision in the case. You may need to begin receiving child support right after deciding to separate. You can apply for a temporary order that will set child support in advance of the final divorce decree.

Orders for financial support matters

Even if there are no children involved, you can still have some financial matters decided in a temporary order in the interim. For example, the two parties may dispute who can remain in the family home or retain possession of an automobile. One spouse may not have the money necessary to support themselves and need spousal support as soon as possible. These are matters that cannot wait because one spouse needs support and shelter immediately.

These issues can be decided quickly by a court. The judge will conduct a hearing devoted to just the matter in the request for the temporary order. The judge can even decide the issue from the bench without taking additional time to issue a court ruling. The order will be effective immediately.

You do not need to wait until the end of a divorce case to resolve some of the most pressing matters. Temporary orders will enable you to deal with issues that must be addressed quickly.

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