Does marriage counseling affect divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Divorce

One of the things couples in Washington who are seeking a divorce might consider is attending marriage counseling. While this is often seen as the way to save a marriage, it can also be used to resolve conflicts between the spouses, even if they end up splitting.

Why might divorcing couples choose marriage counseling?

Couples who have decided to end their marriage will still need to negotiate and work together towards a divorce settlement. This might lead to conflicts that need to be resolved, particularly if the spouses have children. Some of the matters divorcing couples might address during marriage counseling include:

  • Issues related to raising their children, such as disciplines, routines and chores
  • Financial concerns
  • Lifestyle decisions, particularly as they might affect the children
  • Struggles with communication

What benefits can marriage counseling offer divorcing couples?

Even if the marriage is ending, couples who choose to seek counseling for their marriage might also see several benefits that will help them as they move forward in their single life. The relationship between the spouses might improve as they learn to communicate and explore positive ways to solve issues. This can help them if they will be co-parenting their children and even during their divorce negotiations. In other ways, each spouse might also see health benefits, as being in constant conflict with their spouse can take an emotional and physical toll on their health. They might see that aspect of their quality of life improve as well.

While marriage counseling might lead the couple to reconsider the divorce and for some couples this is the goal, it can also be an important tool towards ending their marriage in a more amicable manner. This, in turn, might lead to a less contentious divorce which can also result in a possibly faster and less costly process.

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