Mediation is an ideal divorce tool for those who need privacy

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No one wants to go through a divorce even if they want to end their marriage. There is a degree of social stigma that comes from divorce, the process itself is frequently quite stressful. It can take months to get a hearing in court, and spouses often have no promises about the eventual outcome.

Divorce is often embarrassing and expensive. Spouses sometimes expose all kinds of family secrets in open court. Adultery, gambling and substance abuse are among the private family issues that could become public knowledge during a litigated divorce.

Many people don’t want to endure that kind of embarrassment. Perhaps you have a career that makes you visible in the community, or maybe you simply prefer to keep your personal matters private. Using mediation as a way to resolve your divorce issues could help you protect your privacy. 

Mediation is a confidential process in Washington

When you enter into mediation with your spouse, you will have to discuss many different issues to arrange an appropriate settlement. Potentially embarrassing considerations like extramarital affairs or other forms of spousal misconduct can influence the best solutions for property division and custody issues.

Being able to openly and honestly discuss these matters in mediation can lead to a successful session and a signed agreement. What you discussed in mediation will remain confidential under Washington state law. You do not have to worry about those embarrassing details coming out in court. A judge won’t have access to the records of what you discussed during mediation but instead can only review the signed agreement that you supplied to the courts.

Mediation offers numerous other benefits

In addition to keeping your personal matters out of court, mediation has a host of other benefits for those in struggling marriages.

Mediation gives people more control over the outcome of their divorce. It minimizes how much time they have to spend in court, which can reduce career pressure caused by the divorce. Mediation can also reduce how stressful divorce is for the children in the family because it is a much less contentious process than litigation.

Exploring alternative solutions to an upcoming divorce can help you find an approach that really works for your family.

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