A parenting evaluation can play a role in child custody matters

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If you are getting a divorce as a parent, you may already know that Everett, Washington, courts make decisions that put your child’s best interests first. These courts have several tools to aid them in preserving the best interests of your child.

One of these tools is a parenting evaluation to help the court identify the most beneficial child custody and parenting arrangement for your kids. If the prospect of a parenting review is frightening, you are not alone. However, these evaluations can help you increase the safety and wellbeing of your children.

What are the reasons courts might order a parenting evaluation?

If the judge has concerns about the health and safety of your children, they may need the evaluation to pinpoint potential problems and locate solutions. Examples of circumstances that often prompt judges to order an assessment include:

  • Family situations involving domestic abuse or violence
  • A member of the family suffers from a mental illness
  • Questionable parenting tactics by one or both parents
  • A parent wants to move out of state with the child
  • One or both parents have substance abuse issues
  • You have one or more children with special needs

As parents, you or your spouse also have the right to request a parenting evaluation. For example, if you suspect your co-parent is addicted to alcohol or drugs, a parenting evaluation can confirm your suspicions. When your top priority is helping your kids survive and thrive in their post-divorce lives, a parenting evaluation is nothing to fear.

Becoming more familiar with Washington state child custody and parenting guidelines may also help you feel better about the outcome of a court-ordered evaluation.

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