Why should divorcing parents consider mediation?

Any divorcing couple can benefit from choosing mediation instead of litigation. It can make the process more amicable.

It makes even more sense to go this route if you have kids. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

You still need to see each other

When you don’t have kids, your divorce will allow you and your spouse to terminate your relationship. You need never see each other again. Children change that. You need to continue talking to each other regularly while raising your kids. Even once they leave home, things will be simpler for them if you can get along. They should not need to be on tenterhooks wondering if the two of you will start an argument on their wedding day or child’s birthday.

Conflict harms your children

Kids will cope if you and your spouse no longer live together. They will adjust to dividing their time between you. What they will never fully adjust to is the two of you arguing. That is why it is better to get divorced than stay together in many cases. If it reduces the conflict, it reduces the damage to your children. Litigating your divorce can increase and embitter the conflict, making it last longer.

How does mediation make things better?

Litigation involves each party trying to get what they want. It pits spouses against each other. Mediation takes a different approach. It’s more “How can we move on with the minimum of disruption to our children?”

Mediation will also save you money, as it is quicker than litigation. That money will come in handy as you begin your new life. Seek help to find out more about mediating your divorce.

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