3 points to remember when divorcing after adopting children

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Parents who adopt a child likely think their marriage is going to last forever. If something happens and the marriage dissolves, they may wonder what divorce will be like with an adopted child.

Child custody matters with children who are adopted are handled the exact same way as any other child custody matter. If the child was older when they were adopted, you may need to provide some extra reassurance for them about their place in the family unit.

#1: Children need to know they can count on both parents

Your adopted children may feel as though they’re once again in an upheaval because of the divorce. They need to be reminded that even though they will be splitting time between two homes, both of their parents are still there for them. This can help them to feel a bit more comfortable so they can thrive. It may help if both parents talk to them together about the divorce.

#2: Stability is important for the children

The kids will need stability throughout the divorce and in the period after. They need to be able to continue to have the activities they’re accustomed to. When possible, they should be able to keep the same friend group. The divorce is a huge change for them, so it’s best if the other areas of their life remain as consistent as possible.

#3: Everyone needs a good support system

The children need to have a good support system of people who love them. This enables them to turn to trusted adults if they’re struggling. Be sure to encourage them to maintain meaningful relationships with family members on both sides. Having familiar people around can help them to feel better despite the major change that’s present.

Make sure the parenting plan is in order when you’re divorcing. This gives the children some stability and helps the adults know what they need to do. You and your ex may be able to do this using mediation, but going through a trial is also possible. The parenting plan should be set based on what the kids need now because modification of the order is always possible in the future.

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