2 signs of hidden assets in a divorce 

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During a divorce, there are numerous issues to settle. For parents, their top priority is usually settling matters related to child custody. After that, property division comes into play. 

In Washington, property acquired during the course of the marriage is typically considered to be community property and thus divided between both spouses. But what if your spouse is not keen on this idea and tries to hide assets from the court? How can you tell if this is the case?

Items have gone missing 

You and your spouse considered yourselves to be part-time art collectors. Over the years, you’ve collected a vast quantity of goods, with some of them being very valuable. When you went to take a look at the items you have in storage, the most valuable pieces have disappeared. 

Where have they gone? Nobody had access to them other than your spouse. Is it possible that they have hidden them for the purpose of deceiving the family court? 

Keeping you out of the picture 

Throughout your marriage, you and your spouse used shared accounts both for day-to-day spending and savings. You’ve contributed your share to both of these. 

Thus, it comes as a shock when you are locked out when trying to log in to your accounts. Your spouse is putting it down to an error on the computer or app, but the password has changed. Being purposely locked out of your own financial accounts is a sure sign that your spouse is up to something they shouldn’t be. 

You are entitled to your share of community property during divorce. This can only happen if all assets are disclosed properly. Having legal guidance at each step of the process will help to protect you and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

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