Top unique reasons for divorce among military couples

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Military couples, like any other couples, may face unique challenges in their relationships that can lead to divorce, including potential issues like getting married too young, experiencing infidelity, having different financial perspectives, etc.

But it’s also worth noting that the military lifestyle can create certain stressors that aren’t going to be as common elsewhere. These are a few of the more common reasons why military couples get divorced.

Deployment stress

Deployments can place significant strain on a marriage. Extended periods of separation, the stress of the deployed spouse’s safety and the adjustment when they return home can disrupt the stability of the relationship. Even when someone’s spouse hasn’t been deployed overseas, they could be gone for days, weeks or even months for training exercises. Most couples see each other nearly every day, but that’s not always the case for military couples.

Frequent moves and instability

Military life often involves frequent relocations due to postings or deployments. Constant moving can lead to difficulties in maintaining friendships, stable employment for the non-military spouse and a sense of instability, which can strain the relationship. This strain becomes especially notable when the couple has children, as they may feel like they are constantly being pulled away from friends, neighborhoods, school systems, etc.

Lack of support networks

Military families may find it challenging to establish and maintain support networks, especially when stationed far from extended family and friends. This lack of a support system can increase the stress on the marriage. For instance, a spouse who is at home with the children while the other person is deployed may feel that they are essentially raising their kids alone. This sometimes pushes military spouses to seek a divorce so they can start a new relationship with someone who will be around more often.

Navigating a divorce

When a military couple does decide to split up, even that process can be more complex than it is for a civilian couple. One person could be deployed and unable to make certain deadlines or court dates, for example. It’s quite important for both people to understand exactly what legal rights they have, what the divorce process is going to look like and how they can move forward to help it all go smoothly. Seeking legal guidance, therefore, is generally wise under circumstances like these.

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