What are the biggest conflicts that lead to divorce?

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Marriages do not always go smoothly. Often, there is significant conflict between the couple. Each year, that conflict leads some couples to decide that enough is enough and file for divorce.  

One survey of 1,000 divorcing and divorced couples asked them what they thought the most significant disagreements in their marriage were about.

Here are the most common answers they gave:

Career choices 

People spend a lot of time at work, sometimes more than at home. That alone can create issues if one party feels their spouse prioritizes work over them. It can also sprout disagreements about many other issues, such as when one spouse feels they must cover for their absent spouse in parenting and housework.

Disagreements can also occur about the money a particular career choice can bring in. A person might be happy in their stress-free but poorly paid company role, but their spouse believes they should be striving harder to advance professionally and earn more.

Parenting differences 

You only get to bring up your kids once, so it’s natural that people want to do it right. Or at least how they see it as right. It’s equally natural that two spouses won’t always see eye to eye on this.

Division of household labor 

It’s a fact that women still do much more housework than men despite the fact far more women now have jobs than before.

Relationships with family 

Times like Thanksgiving and Christmas can exacerbate issues over this when couples spend time with each other’s families, who they might not get on with that well.

If you frequently argue over any of these things, it does not necessarily mean you will divorce, but if you are tired of arguing over the same old issues and cannot see a solution, you may want to learn more about how divorce works.


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