3 potential issues to discuss with your co-parent

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No one said being a parent is easy. It can be especially challenging for a parent to raise their child after a divorce. Parents do not have to raise their children alone after a divorce; they may have the option to co-parent,

Co-parenting often means parents will work together to discuss what is best for their children, including how often each parent sees their child. If you are co-parenting, here are a few questions to ask to avoid potential problems in the future:

What if you want to go on vacation?

Everyone – even parents – needs a break sometimes, whether that means going to a beach with their children or staying home to relax without the responsibility of parenting. If you expect to go on a vacation in the future, you may want to discuss with your co-parent how that would fit into a custody schedule. 

What if one of you develops a medical condition?

You or your co-parent could develop a medical condition. This can make it harder for you or your co-parent to attend to responsibilities to your children. You and your co-parent could discuss what is expected from each of you if a medical condition creates issues.

What if your child develops a medical condition?

Conversely, your child could develop a medical condition that requires you or your co-parent to give their needs more attention. This kind of difficulty can greatly disrupt the expectations of each parent. 

Co-parenting can be easier once you understand your legal options and rights. You can reach out for legal help to learn more. 

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