Excessive time apart can lead to divorce

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There are numerous reasons for divorce, some of which are very serious and very obvious. For instance, a person finds out that their spouse is having an affair and files for divorce. They know exactly why the marriage is ending, even if they are technically filing for a no-fault divorce.

But in some cases, couples just feel like they’ve drifted apart over time. They’re not as close as they used to be, they’re no longer romantically attracted to each other and they just want to end the marriage and move on. One reason why this happens is that the couple is spending too much time apart.

Military divorces

One way to see evidence of this phenomenon is by looking at military couples. They tend to get married young, and their divorce rate is higher than the divorce rate for any other career choice. 

A big part of the reason for this is that military couples spend excessive amounts of time apart. Even if they are together in the United States, they may have to move frequently and one person may have to leave for training and other military requirements. If that person gets deployed, the couple could be apart for months or even years. 

Long commutes

You can also find evidence in studies of couples with long commutes. If that commute goes for longer than 45 minutes, their odds of divorce go up by a stunning 40%. Even though the commute may seem fine on a daily basis, it takes a cumulative toll because one person is spending a significant portion of their day on the road, rather than spending time with their spouse.

As you can see, divorce can happen even when there is not a clearly-defined reason like infidelity. Couples who are going through this process need to know about all of the legal steps they should take.

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