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Litigation alternatives: Is your goal to stay out of a courtroom?

There are many people in Washington and elsewhere who get nervous at the mere thought of stepping inside a courtroom. In situations where a spouse is filing for divorce, this can cause high levels of stress. Those who would rather not go to court to finalize a divorce will be glad to know there are often litigation alternatives available.

Spouses on friendly terms may use litigation alternatives

Does every Washington divorce have to be litigated? The answer is a definite, "No." If spouses are able to discuss important issues without acrimonious confrontation, then there may be litigation alternatives available to them so they never have to go to trial. Such alternatives have many benefits, including the ability to convert to litigation at a later time, if necessary.

Litigation alternatives: Divorce options outside the courtroom

Many Washington spouses, especially those who are parents together, are currently preparing for divorce. Some want to settle the terms of their agreements without going to court, if possible. Thankfully, there are typically litigation alternatives available for doing so, including mediation and arbitration. 

Which litigation alternatives are available options for you?

There's a certain stigma attached to divorce that makes it seem as though all marital splits involve contentious, drawn-out court battles. However, not only is that not a true statement, many Washington spouses are able to achieve satisfactory settlements without ever stepping foot into a courtroom. The answer for some is divorce mediation. The process is definitely not one-size-fits-all, though, so anyone considering litigation alternatives should speak to someone experienced in it before determining whether it is the best court of action in a particular circumstance.  

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