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Washington divorce: Many parents decide to part as friends

In many ways, celebrities are just like other people. They have families and, therefore, family problems as well. Many celebrity marriages end in divorce, just as thousands of other couples in Washington who would rather go their separate ways than stay in unhappy relationships. This is basically what Zooey Deschanel and her estranged husband, Jacob Pechenik reportedly have decided to do.

Actor Tom Arnold navigating 4th divorce

Many people in Washington and across the country believe that people who get divorced are prone to do it again should they remarry. Those who do think so might agree that TV personality Tom Arnold's personal life is evidence of it. Arnold filed for divorce on a recent Wednesday -- from his fourth wife.

Divorce: Coping can be tough when married to a narcissist

There are undoubtedly readers in Washington and beyond who see the title of this post and immediately begin to relate to its content. Those who are married to narcissists understand what it is like to struggle through life feeling as though they never measure up. That is usually because their spouses degrade and emotionally abuse them, which strips their confidence away a little at a time. Divorce is often the ultimate outcome of a narcissistic marriage.

Matt Lauer lost his job; now his wife has filed for divorce

"Today" show fans in Washington and throughout the country were shocked when Matt Lauer was fired. His employment was terminated due to sexual allegations made against him some time ago. Lauer is making headlines again, this time because he and his wife have apparently reached a divorce settlement.

Separate accounts not ideal for protecting money during divorce

Ending a marriage is an unfortunately common occurrence for many families. In fact, many Washington couples whose parents went through divorces are taking steps to simplify the process in case their own marriages do not last. For some, this means prenuptial agreements, but others are taking a shortcut. By keeping their own incomes and earnings in separate bank accounts, some couples believe they can protect their money from property division during a divorce. However, this is not always the case.

Life after divorce: How prepared are you?

Making a decision to divorce is definitely one of the biggest life-changing decisions a person can make. While most Washington spouses think seriously before filing a divorce petition, many neglect to think far enough ahead to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. Adapting to a post-divorce lifestyle isn't always easy.

Do you have reason to suspect a hidden asset problem in divorce?

Washington is a community property state. It is one of only nine states in the U.S. that operate under community property regulations in divorce. Since spouses typically must split all marital assets 50/50, it is easy to see why full financial disclosure is crucial to obtaining a fair settlement.

The results of the Bezos divorce are in

Many people across the country have been following the headlines regarding Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos' divorce from MacKenzie Bezos. Readers in this state may have been especially interested because the divorce was filed in a Washington court. This state is one of nine in the country that operate under community property division laws.

Washington divorce: Things to know about property division laws

There are many things that help make Washington unique. For instance, many people travel here to learn about Mount St. Helens and other volcanoes that line the state. There are also more glaciers in this state than any other. In addition to geographical features, there is another particular issue that makes this state unique; it is one of only nine states in the country that operate under community property laws in divorce.

Divorce: How to keep money worries to a minimum

Washington spouses often encounter serious emotional challenges when they decide they no longer wish to maintain their marital relationships. Filing for divorce can be emotionally traumatic, even if the spouses involved no longer get along. The fact that they have shared an intimate life as spouses and, perhaps, parents of the same children means that calling it quits can evoke feelings of deep sorrow.

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