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Divorce: How to keep money worries to a minimum

Washington spouses often encounter serious emotional challenges when they decide they no longer wish to maintain their marital relationships. Filing for divorce can be emotionally traumatic, even if the spouses involved no longer get along. The fact that they have shared an intimate life as spouses and, perhaps, parents of the same children means that calling it quits can evoke feelings of deep sorrow.

Issues that place Washington spouses at risk for divorce

If spouses throughout Washington state were to take a survey rating the current condition of their marriages, many would say their relationships are struggling. In fact, it is likely that by year's end, hundreds or perhaps thousands of spouses will file for divorce. Researchers spend a lot of time studying marital relationships and determining what types of issues most often prompt one or both spouses to want to end a marriage.

Factors that cause divorce can prompt legal problems

Most Washington spouses understand that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. That, however, does not necessarily make it any easier to overcome marital problems that arise. The issue is not so much whether spouses will encounter problems along the their journeys, as most will. Rather, the main issue is whether or not those problems will lead to divorce.

Issues and emotions that often arise in divorce

Many Washington couples are currently having serious marital problems. In fact, hundreds of people throughout the state will likely file for divorce by year's end or shortly thereafter. Others who have already gone through divorce proceedings say they were caught off guard by certain issues and situations that arose. Every relationship is unique but such issues may be more common than expected.

How are your children reacting to your divorce so far?

When a Washington parent informs his or her children that a divorce is pending, the family as a whole may encounter numerous challenges in the weeks and months beyond that moment. Children are typically quite adaptable and resilient. However, there is no guarantee they will react without any emotional difficulty or that the divorce will no negative effects on their lives, so it is understandable that most parents would want to keep stress levels to a minimum regarding helping their children adapt to new lifestyles.  

This factor may increase chances of divorce among friends

Most Washington residents no doubt know someone who is divorced. In fact, in many cases, it is not uncommon to know several couples who have divorced. Studies show that whether or not a friend's divorce was considered successful and amicable or was wrought with contention and settled only after a long, drawn-out court battle influences other couples' decisions who may be considering filing for divorce.  

Talking to kids about divorce

Many Washington couples are likely contemplating ending their marriages, and some have children of various ages. Divorce itself is stressful but can be even more so when kids are involved. A lot of parents worry about how to explain their situations to their kids without placing too heavy a burden on them.  

How to know if shared custody is best option in a divorce

Washington fans of the TV reality show "Real Housewives of Orange County" may be aware that one of the show's stars, Alexis Bellino, has been going through an emotional upheaval in her personal life. The situation was prompted by her husband's filing for divorce in June. The couple had been married for more than a decade at that time and have three children together.

Washington spouses may relate to Donald Trump, Jr.'s divorce

Many Washington spouses encounter challenges when they decide to end their marriages. Such challenges are often related to child custody matters, property division or financial issues. When spouses disagree about a particular topic, it often leads to a contested divorce, such as that of Donald Trump, Jr. and his estranged wife, Vanessa.  

Can divorce be predicted ahead of time?

The old saying that one never knows what goes on behind closed doors is especially true where marriage is concerned. Some Washington couples who seem to have strong, steady relationships wind up getting divorced. Those conducting a study that followed more than 160 marriages for 13 years concluded that there are certain signs in marital relationships that suggest some spouses are more likely than others to file for divorce.  

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