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Avoid custody and parenting problems during the holidays

Washington parents typically spend a lot of time negotiating the terms of their co-parenting plans when they decide to divorce. Custody and parenting issues are top priorities. The court always has children's best interests in mind when making decisions regarding these and other child-related topics.

Understand custody and parenting laws before heading to court

When a parent in Washington or elsewhere in the United States decides to divorce, it is logical to assume that the process will include certain legal issues that must be resolved before the court will issue a final decree. These issues often pertain to custody and parenting. No two divorces are exactly the same; in fact, parents can often customize an agreement to fit their particular needs and goals, and to protect their children's best interests.

Celebrities have custody and parenting issues too

A lot of what comes out of Hollywood is fiction. In Washington and elsewhere, entertainment and celebrity news is not meant to be a guide for life. But celebrities are real people like everyone else, and many people can relate to the custody and parenting issues that celebrities sometimes face, and find their stories helpful in their own situations.

Custody and parenting: What constitutes neglect?

Some parents in Washington file for divorce, hoping to be the sole custodians of their kids. Custody and parenting issues can be complex and often spark contention between former spouses who do not agree on what's best for the children involved. In fact, there are many instances where one parent believes that the other parent's presence is a detriment to the children's well-being.

Child custody and parenting: Who pays for school supplies?

Many Washington parents got divorced over the summer. Now that most schools throughout the country are opening once again, custody and parenting issues might arise for those who are still adjusting to post-divorce lifestyles. There are several things to keep in mind to help keep back-to-school stress to a minimum.

Daughter of deceased rap star focus of custody and parenting case

Many Washington residents are rap music fans who joined in mourning with others throughout the country when Nipsey Hussle was shot to death at his own clothing store on the West Coast. The singer, activist and entrepreneur was the father of a 10-year-old girl and her 2-year-old half-sibling. It is the older child who is the central focus on a recently filed custody and parenting case.

Custody and parenting: Make sure your plan includes summer terms

When Washington parents file for divorce, it is common to encounter challenges regarding family issues, such as where the children will live and how their financial needs will be met in the future. No two custody and parenting situations are exactly the same. The good thing is that co-parents may tailor their agreements to fit their own circumstances and ultimate post-divorce goals.

Child support change in Kardashian custody and parenting case

Washington readers who enjoy following news of their favorite Hollywood stars may be quite familiar with a contentious battle that has been ongoing between Rob Kardashian and the mother of his 2-year-old daughter. The toddler's mom, Blac Chyna, had been receiving $20,000 per month in child support to provide for her daughter's needs. The former couple's custody and parenting case has finally been resolved, and Kardashian is reportedly quite happy with the outcome. 

How abuse accusations are handled re custody and parenting cases

When Washington parents are unable to amicably negotiate child-related issues in divorce, litigation is often necessary. Custody and other parenting issues can prompt highly emotionally charged situations, as made evident by a current case involving reality TV star, Bethenny Frankel, and her ex, Jason Hoppy. Accusations of abuse and child endangerment are coming from both sides of this case.

Would sharing a house be a good custody and parenting decision?

Many Washington couples will be getting divorced in 2019. While the overall national rate of divorce has declined, some age groups, in particular those age 54 and above, have doubled the rate at which they have been filing for divorce in the past 20 years. Some parents are concerned about how their decisions to end their marriage will affect their kids and wonder what types of custody and parenting options would work best to help their children cope with their situations.

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